Wooden Blind

Crafted to Perfection

Get classic style with wooden blinds for windows. Try wood blinds as bedroom window treatments, living room blinds, dining room blinds and kitchen window treatments.

Precision crafted from the finest hard-woods, Window Techs Wooden blinds exude tradition and character. The warm wood tones of these horizontal blinds enhance any room. Whether it is a bookcase-lined home office, a country kitchen or a tailored bedroom. We also have a Natural woven wooden blind series that comes with an option of fabric lining at the back, to take care of your privacy concerns.

Blends Beautifully

Wooden Blinds are an elegant and practical addition to any indoor space! It’s versatility allows for matching with most designs, providing for a modern, as well as for a traditional classic appearance. The Wooden Blind slats are usually wider than the Aluminum ones. Hence providing more privacy in preventing forms and shapes from being seen from the outside.

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