Ripple Fold

Ripple Fold,
The Smart Fold System

Ripple Fold curtain is simply fastened to gliders via hooks in standard runners. The gliders are always kept at the same distance apart by a smart, invisible cord in the track. As a result, the curtain always falls in identical S-shaped folds, even when fully closed. The hooks are placed in curtain tape with loops – the spacing between pleats or the fabric width can be easily adjusted.

It can be used with hand-drawn, cord-operated, and electrically powered curtain systems.

It fits in all Window Techs narrow channel profiles and in all wide channel profiles

Ripple Fold is Window Techs’ solution for the renowned WAVE system.

Ripple Fold makes washing your curtains a lot easier!

Straight hemmed curtains with attractive, identical folds? Ripple Fold makes it possible!

  • The curtain can easily be removed from the gliders, for example, for washing.
  • The black-out lining can be fitted and washed separately from the curtain.
  • The click-in gliders can be easily pushed into and pulled out of the track making it simple to remove the curtain from the track.
  • The click-in gliders can also be washed with the curtains.
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