Hospital Curtain Tracks

The G-Rail® hospital curtain rail has been the industry standard in the healthcare sector for years. Functional, strong and available with a dust-resistant PVC cover strip. Also available with handy accessories such as the IV hook, curtain holder, etc. The rail can be mounted either on the wall or on to the ceiling, of course, so that a solid system can be built. We can install our cubicle curtain track electrically insulated in accordance with the NEN-1010 standard.

• 4100: sleekly designed separation rail

Electrical hospital curtain track

Our cubicle curtain track can also be supplied as electrical units. Patients can press a button themselves whenever they want privacy. This is more convenient for the patient and time-saving for personnel. The system can also be programmed with an emergency setting in combination with a fire alarm. This enables rapid evacuation. But there are more advantages!

Load Release System | LRS

The Load Release Systeem is our answer to the health care sector’s need to have cubicle curtain track and regular curtain rails released under certain conditions. This unique, patented solution allows the rail to be released from its attachment points under momentary loads of approximately 35 kg. The rails can then be easily reinstalled without tools. The components are designed in such a way that these can be combined with the familiar 4100 rails.


  • • A curtain track that offers privacy
  • • Commonly used in the care sector to create temporarily partitioned spaces
  • • Can be required by patients and carers
  • • Goelst has specialised in these systems for more than 35 years and supplies hospitals, nursing homes, doctors’ surgeries and medical centres
  • • The system designs take numerous factors into account, including NEN standards, hygiene, safety, and professional and low-cost installation
  • • Exceptionally easy to bend
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