Insulated Glass Blind

VIEW BLIND® system, the blind (Venetian, Pleated or Honeycomb) is encapsulated within two or three glass panes.

VIEW BLIND® by Window Techs, develops and manufactures sun shading systems that need to be integrated within double glazing units. It allows the problem of light and heat gain in buildings to be solved by means of long-lasting and maintenance-free solutions.

The blind is moved in a totally sealed environment, protected from dust, dirt, or weather conditions. The characteristics of traditional double glazing units are also preserved, leaving unaltered the hermetic properties of the cavity. All this is made to meet the requirements of the current standards in terms of energy performances of buildings.

Over the years, VIEW BLIND®, has achieved a high number of significant patents. Applying them in a wide range of products designed to meet every need related to sun shading.

The movement of the blind, for manual/motorized systems doesn’t compromise the insulating properties of the insulating glazing unit. Totally sealed environment is needed to perform it.

The exclusive VIEW BLIND® characteristics ensure total protection against dirt, dust or weather conditions. And blinds do not require any maintenance. In addition, the magnetic components have an almost indefinite life cycle having a loss of magnetic attraction of around 2%/100 years. The wide product choice and versatility of operation make VIEW BLIND® blind systems suitable for all types of framing systems.

Advantages of  VIEW BLIND®

  • It is protected behind the window so, doesn’t need to be cleaned.
  • Ensure a better indoor climate.
  • Achieve great savings on air conditioning costs.
  • Blind’s hoisting mechanism consists of a continuous stainless steel shaft, which creates a solid construction and ensures better durability.
  • Window Techs delivers special solutions that fits.
  • Window Techs’s construction is designed to last for several generations.
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